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Meeting the real one

  Yes, I’ve met a real one.  Don’t we look great?  She spent her early dog years chasing round a race track.  At least now she can take life easy.  I rather liked that blanket, but she wouldn’t get off it.

 Here is my ghost writer looking absolutely ridiculous.  It was World Book Day and and she was telling my tale at a school.  Now I’m used to my master’s 6 children, but 30?  Very scary.   Who wears wigs these days?  And that hat.… Continue Reading “”

My new coat and hat

My Christmas present has come in very useful during the cold weather.  Greyhounds don’t have very thick fur and this is lovely and cosy (hat looks like a tea cosy, nose like a spout instead of snout).  It’s not exactly 17thcentury style but it… Continue Reading “My new coat and hat”

Gypsy’s Dog Blog – Book Launch

I would like to introduce you to my knitted self.  Created and stuffed with human hands.  Here I am at my book launch in September 2018.  I must say I do look rather splendid in my red, jewelled collar. You will be able follow… Continue Reading “Gypsy’s Dog Blog – Book Launch”

Gypsy’s Dog Blog

Woof! Woof!  Hello my name is Gypsy and I’m a greyhound.  My master was King Charles I of England.  I think I’m doing really well writing a blog as I was born almost 400 years ago.  I’ve heard of a log and a bog… Continue Reading “Gypsy’s Dog Blog”